Jr Irish Commitment Policy

Jr. Irish Soccer Club 
Commitment Policy

Jr. Irish Soccer Club has a commitment policy that is stated on the initial registration form that each parent agrees to during the registration process.  The commitment states the following:

“I understand my child will play for the entire 2021-22 season and will pay the Jr. Irish Soccer Club fees - due at the time noted on the fee schedule - including the $200 non-refundable deposit ($150 for Academy ages).  If registering after the initial date - "catch-up" payments will be required to bring your account current.  I further understand there may be additional team fees payable throughout the year as determined by the team manager and treasurer.  I understand that fees paid to the Club and to teams within the Club are not refundable.  I further understand that the commitment to play is:  

i. for the Jr. Irish Soccer Club and not for any specific team 

ii. my child will be rostered with team(s) at the discretion of the Jr. Irish Soccer Club

iii. is for the entire playing year and that releases from this commitment are only granted under significant extenuating circumstances, and are at the discretion of the Club Board of Directors”

If a player elects to leave Jr. Irish after registration and before completion of the entire playing year, the player will not be released to participate with any other club for the duration of the playing year.  Playing year is defined as starting in August (or November for 15U – 19U) and running into June or the last scheduled event including continued advancement in the Cup series.     

The only exemption to the above policy is if a family moves a distance greater than 50 miles from the Jr. Irish Soccer Complex.   

No matter the situation, a written request must be submitted to the Jr. Irish Executive Director for presentation to the Executive Board of Directors.  This written request should explain the reason for the release request.  Requests will not be considered unless all fees are paid to date.  No release will be granted until all fees are paid in full.  

Per Indiana Soccer and US Youth Soccer rules, no contact or participation (including tryouts or training) are allowed with another Club without a release.  Such actions are in violation of Rule 5.5 Tryouts and subject to disciplinary action to both the Club and player.  See Indiana Soccer Registration Rules document for more details.