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Field Sponsorships available at the Jr. Irish soccer Complex

08/06/2018, 2:15pm EDT
By Ken Nuber, Executive Director

Become a Field Sponsor for you or your Business

Jr. Irish Field Sponsorship

The Jr. Irish Soccer Club is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in St. Joseph, County Indiana. Jr. Irish Soccer Club is dedicated to providing the best training and competitive environment possible to provide a positive and rewarding experience. The club’s mission focuses on the overall development of the player, creating a technical skill set that will allow the player to grow in their tactical knowledge. A professionally-licensed coaching staff provides the players opportunities to grow in the game as well as learn important life skills such as discipline, commitment, and sportsmanship.

Since 1977, the Jr. Irish Soccer club has provided opportunities for children to participate in soccer programs. This past year 350 families were members of the club and 433 individual players between the ages of 8 and 18 years old participated on teams. More than 200 additional children and youth participated in other club-affiliated programs.

Jr. Irish Soccer Club teams play at the Jr. Irish Soccer Complex on Nimtz Parkway near the South Bend Airport. The complex includes 17 fields of various sizes. Our teams train here daily 6 months out of the year and games take place nearly every weekend for 8 months of the year. In addition, Jr. Irish hosts the Memorial Day Invitational as well as other events, all drawing a large number of families from throughout the U.S. and Canada to our home fields.

Company/ Organization naming of field, including field banner and logo on map

Over 700 practice players/ parents weekly. Over 250 games annually.
Memorial Day Tournament traffic over 15,000. Field name listed on ISL and MRL websites.

Banner displayed at indoor facility

Average of over 500 players/ parents weekly.

Company/Organization Name/Logo scrolling banner ad on home page Company/ Organization Name/Logo with hot link on our website

Over 16,000 active website engagements.

Inclusion on Jr. Irish Facebook efforts

3,941 individuals recorded being at the field. Thousands of “reached” friends per month.

One marketing email before both Spring and Fall sessions encouraging Jr. Irish families to support our Sponsors with your company and link included.

Guidelines for Field Sponsors

  • The Sponsor will have first right of refusal to renew their sponsorship at the rate proposed by the Jr. Irish Soccer club Board of Directors at that time.

  • Jr. Irish Soccer Club reserves the right to reject any potential sponsor, and will not permit the sponsorship of alcohol or tobacco companies.

  • Jr. Irish Soccer Club will assume the responsibility for installing, maintaining and repairing signage.

  • The Sponsor will be responsible for any costs incurred for changes made to the signage after a proof

    has been approved(i.e. new name, logo, etc.)

  • Jr. Irish Soccer Club reserves the right to determine the size, composition, and location of the signage.

  • All signage will remain property of Jr. Irish Soccer Club and may be available for purchase by the

    Sponsor at the conclusion of the term of the sponsorship.

  • The Sponsor acknowledges that the purpose of Jr. Irish Soccer club is to promote youth soccer in a healthy and positive way.


Matt Harrington: 574-340-9039,

Your Sponsorship Impact

  • Provide first-class athletic fields for our children’s sporting activities.

  • Create economic growth for our community by hosting the Memorial Day Invitational and other events.

  • Ensure regular improvements and upgrades in goals and equipment.

  • Expand opportunities for children in our community.Your Sponsorship Benefits

  • Expanding your marketing efforts with an untapped targeted market.

  • Tax Benefits for a charitable contribution.

  • Locking in field sponsorship rate for two contract renewals.

  • Associating your brand with community development.

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