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College Corner

College Recruiting is a long and sometimes confusing process.  This page is designed to help you along the process.  Chose a tab in the left for up to date information.

Below is a list of helpful links to help you in the recruitment process.

The NCAA eligibility Center

The NAIA Eligibility Center

List of all NCAA Institutions

The College Board 


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Jr. Irish players on Campus





Jr. Irish Prides itself on preparing players for the next level.  We have many former Jr. Irish players in the collegiate ranks.  Below is a list of players now competing at the college level.  If you know of a former Jr Irish player competing at the college level, please email the DOC at  

Below the is a list of the schools and their websites so you can follow their season as well as other local college programs.  Follow the link to their 2017 game schedules to follow their season and make plans to attend a match.  

Jr. Irish Players on Campus

Last First University 2017 Record Division notes
Kambol Sam Ball State University  11-7-3 NCAA I MAC Champions, tied for team lead in goals 
Pooley Taylor Ball State University  11-7-3 NCAA I MAC Champions, Started every game 
Cripe Cody Bethel College  12-7-3 NAIA NCCAA National Tournament
Nunez Isaac Bethel College  12-7-3 NAIA NCCAA National Tournament
Ontiveros Richard Bethel College  12-7-3 NAIA 7 games played, 1 assist
Truex Connor Bethel College  12-7-3 NAIA NCCAA National Tournament
Ontiveros Junior Bethel College 12-7-3 NAIA Freshman 2018
Tavarez Oscar Bethel College 12-7-3 NAIA Freshman 2018
Tavarez Johnathon Bethel College 12-7-3 NAIA Freshman 2018
Rodela Alex Bethel College 12-7-3 NAIA Freshman 2018
Scott Morgan Calvin College  12-9 NCAA III 8 games played, 1 start.  1 goal 1 assist
Fuller Sydney Concordia University  10-8-2 NCAA III Started every game, 2 goals and 1 assist
Solomon Kamra Furman University  13-3-2 NCAA I Played in 2 matches
Craig Noah Gordon College  13-6-1 NCAA III Started 4 of 20 gsames
McCoige Ashley Goshen College  3-12-2 NAIA Freshman  2018
Cernak Lauren Goshen College  3-12-2 NAIA Freshman 2018
Blankenbaker McKenzie Holy Cross College 2-13-3 NAIA Freshman 2018
Bright Sydney Holy Cross College  2-13-3 NAIA  
Crowley Casey Holy Cross College  6-8-3 NAIA  
Lopez Marivel Holy Cross College 2-13-3 NAIA Freshman 2018
Montgomery Renee Holy Cross College  2-13-3 NAIA  
Saddler Kalen Holy Cross College  6-8-3 NAIA  
Strickland Brooke Holy Cross College  2-13-3 NAIA  
Yanes Alex Holy Cross College  6-8-3 NAIA Starter
Castaneda Alessandra Indiana Wesleyan University  15-4-3 NAIA NCCAA National Finalist
Lacognato Maya IUPUI  14-6-3 NCAA I Verbal Commit 2019, NCAA Tournament appearance
Veldman Denise IUPUI  14-6-3 NCAA I Medical Redshirt, NCAA Tournament Appearance
Gibiec Mateusz Lawrence Technica Institute  10-6-2 NAIA 14 of 17 gsames started
Adkins Samuel Mount Vernon Nazarene  7-11-1 NAIA Freshman 2018
Shehan Haylee Saint Mary's College 1-17 NCAA III Freshman 2018
Llewellyn Macy Siena Heights University  12-7-2 NAIA NAIA National Tournament, started 13 of 21 games 
Henderlong Malorie Spring Arbor University  24-1-1 NAIA NAIA National Champions, Started all 26 games 
Day Savannah Trine University  6-14 NCAA III Started all 18 games
Jasper Alex Trine University 5-7-6 NCAA III Started 16 of 18 games
Cordriet Madisyn University of Illinois-Springfield  9-6-4 NCAA II Started 18 of 19 games
Roeder Heather University of Indianapolis  8-7-2 NCAA II Started all 16 games
Hendricks Shannon University of Notre Dame  10-7-5 NCAA I Advanced ro 3rd round NCAA Tournament, started all 22 games
McLaughlin Megan University of Notre Dame  10-7-5 NCAA I advanced ro 3rd round NCAA Tournament
Baltazar Brey University of Saint Francis  7-11 NAIA Co-leader in goals and Points
Binkley Kennedy University of Saint Francis  7-11 NAIA Started 14 of 15 games
Ehrhardt Hannah University of Saint Francis  7-11 NAIA Started 10 of 13 games
Jacob Woodruff University of Saint Francis  4-14 NAIA  
Thompson Jade University of Saint Francis  7-11 NAIA Started 13 of 15 games
Trosper Aylissa University of Saint Francis  7-11 NAIA Co-leader in goals and Points
Xouris Melanie University of Saint Francis  7-11 NAIA Freshman 2018
Hutchinson Shannon Ursuline College  7-8-2 NCAA III Started 5 of 11 games
Josh Scott Wabash College 11-6-1 NCAA III Freshman 2018
Burnett Mary Clare Western Michigan University  10-8-1 NCAA I Medical Redshirt
Mason MacKenzie Wittenberg University  9-7-3 NCAA III National Tournament 2nd Round, started 14 games

Top 10 Recruiting Tips


1.  Register (if you have not already) for the NCAA clearinghouse.

2.  Respond to EVERY email a coach sends, even if it's a school you are not interested in.  Coaches talk and you don't want to have a "snobby" reputation.

3.  Be proactive with all schools on your top list.  Send them an email, a letter in the mail, a resume, Holiday card, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, congratulate them on wins or recruit signings, constant updates, and your transcripts.  It will let them know how serious you are.

4.  Research Winter ID camps at the schools you are interested.  This is a pretty new recruiting strategy and lots of programs are holding them.  They have to take everyone that registers so d not procrastinate.  Most of the time, an ID camp involves a campus tour and other activities.  Perfect time to meet the coach and have them be involved in your training.  

5.  Protect yourself on social media.  Coaches are like private investigators.  They search for you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc to find out more about you.  Even an innocent conversation on Twitter can turn a coach away.  Never use offensive language or say mean things to a friend, not everyone knows you are friends…..

6.  Always reach out to coaches who are attending an event multiple times.  1) send them an email that you are playing at this event.  2) the day the schedule is announced, send them a schedule and say "I hope you can make it".  3) Send an email the week of reminding them of your interest.  4) follow up the week after with a recap of your games and the results.           

7.  When you play away games, see if you can leave a little early and visit a campus close by.  Memphis Tennessee has multiple schools right there and some are pretty strong!

8.  This is a link to every NCAA school in the country by conference:

9.  The NAIA website:

10.  Be realistic about your ability to play at certain schools.  You need to see as many college games as you can.  Get on line and see if the school has games on line.  Check the spring schedules and make an effort to see games.