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2020 Virtual MDI

2020 Virtual MDI Friday May 22 - Monday May 25

The 2020 Virtual Memorial Day Invitational  
Tuesday, May 19th – Monday, May 25th

While COVID-19 may have canceled our games, it’s not going to stop a 44-year-old tradition of celebrating the beautiful game!  Jr. Irish has decided to host the first ever “Virtual MDI” to support the Jr. Irish Financial Aid Scholarship Fund.  The MDI has long been the sole fund raiser for the Financial Aid Scholarship program at Jr. Irish, awarding $30,000 each year in need-based aid for families at Jr. Irish.       

Here’s how you can help support the program this year:

Papa Vino’s Give Back Weekend

Virtual MDI Tournament Apparel

  • Jr. Irish and Graphie-Tees has set up an online store to sell “Once in a Lifetime” tournament apparel.

Direct Gifts to the Jr. Irish Financial Aid Fund

  • Keeping with tradition, go online and purchase your parking pass, opt out of your volunteer hours, and even secure the best seat in the your house! 

Virtual Parking Pass- $10           VIP Virtual Parking Pass- $25

      Virtual Press Box Seating - $50   Virtual Volunteer Buyout - $100

Special Gift Option – (You fill in the blank)

Bike Drive for the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joe County:

  • Saturday, May 23rd in the parking lot of Soccer Zone from 12:00 – 4:00 pm.
  • Soccer Zone is located at: 1435 University Drive Ct., Granger, IN 46530

Have you cleaned out your garage during quarantine?  Have your kids outgrown their old bikes?  This is a great way to support youth activities in our area by donating your used bikes

As you know, we had to make the hard decision to cancel the regular MDI tournament for this year. However, we are still going to have our own version of MDI!  Introducing the 1st Ever “Virtual MDI 2020”.  I know many of you will now say to yourselves “This sounds crazy! How can they do it?”. Well, I feel like many things have happened over the course of the last few months that we have never seen or will ever see again, so here we go… Because the MDI has been in existence since 1977, we wanted to offer our families a virtual experience as close as we could to a real MDI.  Of course, we won’t have actual matches, but we will have food, apparel and friendly peer to peer competition.  Our goals are to create some fun with our JI soccer community while raising funds for our Financial Aid Program.  

There will be 4 Parts to our Virtual MDI Experience:

  • Restaurant Give Backs
  • Apparel Sale
  • General Fundraising for Individuals, Companies or Sponsors
  • Bike Drive Event for Boys & Girls Club of St. Joe County

Click on the images to learn more about each event!

JI Families, we are so grateful for your support.  We do hope that this could be a positive experience in light of these extremely out of the ordinary times we are living in!


Restaurant Give Backs

Virtual MDI Apparel

MDI Virtual Bike Drive

Virtual MDI Donations